Merged Mining of Blakecoin (BLC), Photon (PHO) and BlakeBitcoin Now Available

13 May


Just a few days since Blakecoin and Photon crypto coins got merged mining support and now there is a third coin available as well – BlakeBitcoin, so you can now mine Blakecoin and get Photon and BlakeBitcoin as well. These coins all use the Blake-256 algorithm and need a specific miner with support for the algorithm, you can find the required software below. BlakeBitcoin is still a very new coin and there are still no exchanges, but BLC and PHO are already traded. Furthermore we are soon most likely going to see two more Blake-256 crypto coins added in the mix of merged mining cryptos along BlakeCoin, these are Dirac and Atom, so you should be able to mine for BLC and get 4 extra cryptos as bonus thanks to the merged mining support.

Blake-256 Algorithm GPU miners:
Cgminer 3.7.2 with Blake-256 support for AMD
Cgminer 3.1.1 with Blake-256 support for AMD
CudaMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia
ccMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia

Pools for Merged Mining of Blakecoin, Photon and BlakeBitcoin:

Exchanges for trading Blakecoin and Photon:
Atomic Trade

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