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Alpha Technology To Increase the Hashrate of Their Scrypt ASICs After All

28 May


Just a few days ago Alpha Technology started sending invoices to their customers that have pre-ordered their Viper Scrypt ASICs in order for the full amount of the miners to be paid, so that the company would start shipping the products to customers sometime in July according to their plans. The previous stand on the matter of hashrate was that Alpha Technology would not increase their hashrate further to match the competition in the face of KnCminer, but instead would focus on power efficiency and faster shipping…

The latest news coming from the company show that they have apparently changed their mind as they have announced new “minimum” hashrates for the Viper Scrypt ASICs, the smaller unit will go form 18 MHS to at least 50 MHS and the bigger unit from 90 MHS to at least 250 MHS. The prices of the miner will not change, so they will become a more interesting alternative to other solutions that are either already on the market or will start shipping in the next months. However there will apparently be some sacrifices such as the removal of some features such as the external LCD display, Wi-Fi functionality as well as a WebGUI. According to Alpha Technology the final miners will “run through a wired USB and Ethernet connection fully supporting standard mining software”. We’ll see how this will go and if Alpha Technology will indeed be able to ship something in July and what the final products will be capable of as apparently the company still hasn’t received their chips from the manufacturer to start building and testing what the final product will be and it is already able to claim a significant increase in hashrate.

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