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Mining Rig Rentals Has Added Blake-256 and X13 Algorithms

29 May


The service offering users to sell their hashrate or rent mining rigs MiningRigRentals has added support for people willing to sell their hashrate in the form of Blake-256 and X13 as well as an option for people to rent minign rigs for mining crypto coins using these algorithms such as BlakeCoin or MaruCoin for example. Of course the service offers the quite popular at the moment X11 mining rigs as well as Scrypt, Scrypt-N and Sha-256, though these can also be found on other alternative services. If you are mining X11 or X13 algorithm coins or are willing to sell your hashrate in the service for example make sure that you are using the latest miners that offer the highest possible performance that were released in the last few days. Currently there are still not many rigs available for renting for Blake-256 mining, but since the interest in this algorithm is growing due to the recent merged mining support for BlakeCoin along with 4 other cryptos you might want to consider renting your hashrate for that algorithm. Though the interest in X11 and X13 mining at the moment also gives a good chance for people that are willing to rent their hashrate, as well as for people that want to rent some extra hashrate to get early on new coin launches with more hashrate.

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