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Slow Shipping Times and Lack of Communication from Scrypt ASIC Manufacturers

2 Jun


Some of the new Scrypt ASIC manufacturers that are starting to ship or may soon start to ship are apparently suffering from the same problems that some of the Bitcoin ASIC companies had when they started launching their products. We are talking about the two of the most important factors – shipping quickly and on time and be able to communicate on time with the customers, below are some examples ready.

Zeus has started shipping their Scrypt ASIC miners from Batch 1 on May 20th, however they are a bit slow in fulfilling orders… last week on May 28th they were at just order number 1100. Our test order is #2054 and is still being processed, so they are clearly not close to sending it and this was made about two weeks before the Batch 1 ordering has been closed. They have already has announced that they plan on starting to ship Batch 2 orders around 6/15/2014, so by the time our Blizzard miner arrives in our hands it will be pretty much quite outdated and the total payment we have made of a little over $250 USD for the miner and the shipment is already quite high price (and there will be some VAT and custom taxes when the miner arrives). So even though the Batch two price for the ZeusMiner Blizzard is lowered at $179 USD without the shipping cost, it will be pointless to order it now and get it probably sometime in July. The bigger Scrypt ASIC miners from Zeus and their partners that are selling custom solutions based on their chips such as GAW Miners or Hashra are still attractive though, but these partners are partly responsible for the slower shipments to customers that did order directly form Zeus as they had to get some units as well.

Alpha Technology has recently started to request the full payment from customers that have pre-ordered their Scrypt ASIC hardware, however things did not seem very attractive for customers to do their final payment. The sign for that was the announcement from Alpha Technology that they will after all increase the hashrate of their miners, a good move if they can actually deliver the higher hashrate miners for the same price. The problem with Alpha Technology is the total lack of communication with customers, they are just sending invoices, but are not replying to customers over email for days and you apparently cannot reach them by phone. So let us say that you have pre-ordered 5 Scrypt ASIC miners and want to cancel some of them and pay for the other, but want to confirm with Alpha Technology you actually cannot get in touch with them. That does not make you confident enough to pay the rest of the amount for any of the miners you have actually pre-ordered. So if you are busy with a lot of orders from customers, you just hire more people to talk with the customers that are willing to pay for your products and not drive them away by not communicating with them at all.

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9 Responses to Slow Shipping Times and Lack of Communication from Scrypt ASIC Manufacturers


June 2nd, 2014 at 20:03

I can’t wait for you to get it and give us a technical review. Some “reviews” are full of fluff and are basically ads. Your reviews provide relevant details and the technical insight we need. Poolside, my 6 Zeus chip Fury has not been able to average 1 MH/s over a 24 hour period yet mining straight LTC. It’s very erratic compared to the very stable Gridseed miners.


June 3rd, 2014 at 00:34

Alpha tech are a joke. I’ve emailing them since they announced they were collecting the final payment and so far no replies.
I don’t know how their miners will turn out but it wouldn’t surprise me if they turn out to be as “good” as their customer service: 0.


June 3rd, 2014 at 14:10

The ZeusMiner Blizzards I purchased were not the 15watts per 1.2mh devices I ordered. Instead ZeusMiner created a Blizzard device which uses nearly 50watts of power. At no time did ZeusMiner reachout to me as a customer and asked me if this HUGE change in specification was acceptable or offer a refund.

If you read the litecointalk forums you’ll see I’m not just a single voice, but everyone who bought from these guys has gotten ripped off.

Strong suggestion is that you not buy anything from them!


June 3rd, 2014 at 15:20

I would hold off on buying any of the 6-chip Blizzard of Blizzard variant units if you intend to use the included power supply brick. It runs disturbingly hot, some people are even pointing fans at the power brick (not the miner!). People have posted better results for hooking it up to PSU power, but that requires either jumping a PSU or having it running otherwise.


June 3rd, 2014 at 15:45

We’ve read about the surprisingly high power consumption as compared to what Zeus was promising earlier in terms of specs, but we are waiting for our Blizzard unit to come in order to be able to test it…


June 3rd, 2014 at 19:30

I purchased a Blizzard from a distributor, Zoomhash, on 5/20. On 6/2 they finally reached out advising that there were power issues with the units and they would offer a full refund or a coupon towards one of their Gridseed units. However, the bonus “cloud hash” from Zeus was no longer on the table. I assumed all these units were being placed on hold. But now other users are getting their units. While I appreciate the refund/coupon offer, there was so little customer communication that it was very time consuming constantly asking the CS Agents @ Zoomhash for an update and they not having any information regarding shipping numbers, eta’s when Zeus’s site is taking preorders for batch2 (ya right) and stating things would be out by 6/5


June 3rd, 2014 at 22:57

I pre-ordered several of the Blizzards. The specs we are being given now are WAY OFF from what they were when I originally ordered.

My order is still being processed while the same machine is being sold under different labeling ready to go (GAWMiners). If I had waited, I could have gotten hosted mining with them apparently weeks before my order will arrive. That’s a real shitty way to treat your customers, Zeus.

I have contacted them several times, but they won’t answer my emails or respond in any way. I believe I will receive product, but not what I wanted, was promised, or when I was promised. Due to this, I plan on describing them as a scam.

Zeus abused and fucked their pre-order customers. Don’t do business with them or their third-party re-sellers.

Funaka Omigawa

June 4th, 2014 at 17:47

Sadly and in general people are pretty stupid it may be the over exaggeration that these or any scrypt miner is plug and play out of the box which is what draws in these stupid people. Just like any electronic device these all need to be tweaked and optimized by its owners. Remember receiving a nicely packaged gpu card plugging it into a home made rig and then having to spend hours comparing and tweaking with other users the best settings? The same applies to all these miners. In fact to some extent even a brand new PC from Dell out of the box has to be setup by the owner. In the case of the Zeus miner and any other the exact same thing needs to be done. Some of these stupid people are shaking them, pressing the buttons and complaining that no Litecoins are coming out of it. Then asking what is a Litecoin anyway. People who know what they are doing are achieving the 32 watts per unit using highly efficient PC PSU they already bought and own from their gpu rig days with that and constant tweaking and optimizing they are achieving the stated hash rates. It is there for the taking you have to know how to take it. I think it is too early in this market to sell to the stupid people out there and all these manufacturers should declare on the sales promotion and maybe even stick a sticker on each unit WARNING: this device for enthusiasts only

David Clark

June 9th, 2014 at 20:14

Just got my Zeus Blizzard, plugged in a UK power lead and it went bang and the electrics went off :(

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