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A Visit at the Office of Mining ASICs Technologies

5 Jun


The company Mining ASICs Technologies is a fairly new one started early this year, and they came in with some strong promises, so there were a lot of concerns about them initially. Ralph from Bitcoinupdate has just visited the company’s office and met with Marc Coumans, the CEO of the company. He has also published some photos of his visit and additional information that you might find interesting, just follow the link below for more information.

Lately they have been releasing a lot of updates on their Bitcoin mining hardware by showing a prototype of a Titanium 3THS SHA-256 ASIC miner. Just a few days ago the company has also announced they have finished the tape put of their Scrypt ASIC chips, meaning that they are ready for production. So the initially promised shipping of actual ASIC miners in Q3 may seem possible now. Or at least now the company seems more legit.

For more information about Bitcoinupdate’s visit to Mining ASICs Technologies’ office…

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