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KnCMiner Titan Now 400 MHS, 200 MHS for the Mini and Chips Ready for Production

5 Jun


The Scrypt ASIC race continues as KnCMiner has just updated their Scrypt ASIC miners’ hashrate again, not long after their supposed main competitor Alpha Technology has also increased the hashrate of their Viper units. Now the KnCMiner Titan is supposed to come out with 400 MHS hashrate and the mini version should offer 200 MHS hashrate. KnC has also just announced they have finished with the tape out of their Scrypt ASIC chips, meaning that the design of the chips has been finalized and they can be sent for manufacturing. KnCMiner says they should be able to deliver in Q3 and since the tape out has been finalized at the start of this month a end of July for shipping still seems to be very optimistic and the more realistic time is August. KnCMiner has also announced that they have started accepting orders for a second batch of Scrypt ASIC miners that will be shipped abut a month later than the first batch, so an August/September probably. The Batch 2 miners are priced at $3795 USD for the Mini Titan and $6995 USD for the Titan without VAT.

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2 Responses to KnCMiner Titan Now 400 MHS, 200 MHS for the Mini and Chips Ready for Production

Brian Whittle

June 6th, 2014 at 02:12

Linus jacobsson

August 14th, 2014 at 12:59

Now, in the current situation, they will take 255 days to the ROI is quite ill for one batch o the 150Mhs. And now when you let a 200Mhs 1 month following us o it only takes 121 days to ROI. It is not right that you should release it so quickly just around. How will we be able to earn back the money that Batch 2 will earn faster than us. Since they do not have to pay as jewelery and wait as long as us in the first batch and then you’ll come with answers yes got all mails you sent. That you can not speculate on the profitability of our miners because there are a lot of different variables, such as network problems, speed, and price variations. What will we get that benefit us in one batch? 1 month course will not suffice. they do not like me anyway.

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