Updates on Mining of Blakecoin (BLC) + PHO + BBLC + XDQ + ELT

8 Jun


The efforts for BlakeCoin (BLC) and other Blake-256 based crypto currencies merged mining support has already made this the best merged mining option to mine – multiple stable pools, multiple bonus currencies that you get along with BLC and good support. You can already trade not only BlakeCoin, but all other 4 bonus currencies as they are available on various exchanges and actually have some decent value. And now you can even rent mining rigs for mining Blake. So if you still haven’t tried BlakeCoin mining you might want to give it a try, the network hashrate is not so big, so you are able to mine some coins even with not so much hashrate.

Blake-256 Algorithm GPU miners:
Cgminer 3.7.2 with Blake-256 support for AMD
Cgminer 3.1.1 with Blake-256 support for AMD
CudaMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia
ccMiner with Blake-256 support for Nvidia

Pools for Merged Mining of Blake-256 coins:

Exchanges for trading Blake-256 coins:
Atomic Trade

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