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The Scryptcc Cloud Mining Service Moving from GPUs to Scrypt ASICs

18 Jun


The Scrypt cloud mining service Scryptcc was one of the first to start offering Scrypt cloud hashrate using GPUs for mining alternative Scrypt-based crypto currencies and paying its users in Bitcoin. The service was quite interesting when they’ve launched, but had some issues from the start and they were a bit slow in fixing things, but lately they seem to have improved. In fact we’ve seen some similar services come and go and this one is still here and without having some major hiccups like others had. The interesting thing was that up until recently they were still using only GPUs for mining Scrypt and thus the profitability was not good at all. However there is a new announcement that they have started adding Scrypt ASICs in their new data center and report that profitability has started to get better again. Currently the price of 1 KHS is ~0.000324 BTC or about 0.324 BTC per Megahash worth of Scrypt mining hashrate at the service, so definitely not the best price. According to the profit calculator available on their website buying 1 MHS of cloud mining hashrate at the moment you can expect to break even in about 152 days. This is not the best deal we’ve seen for sure, but not the worst either.

For more information about the Scryptcc cloud mining service and to try it out…

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3 Responses to The Scryptcc Cloud Mining Service Moving from GPUs to Scrypt ASICs


November 3rd, 2014 at 03:10

I made a withdraw and not appear in my btc wallet and neither in my scrypt balance. I try use support without response yet.


April 12th, 2015 at 05:29

if there someone can help me How can i retrieve my account?
when i activated 2FA (one month ago) since then i cannot access my acount

Patrick Dorn

January 12th, 2016 at 23:33

This is scam site, trust me on this. I didn’t lose a ton and I didn’t invest more than I was wiling to risk. With any investment it is a risk but this mining vendor has you convert your BTC by purchasing their proprietary MHS from other members who are selling back their MHS (sound familiar…..Ponzi?).
They claim to pay you every 10 mins in MHS, you can sell back your MHS for BTC to ….new members or members looking to increase their holdings..remember the more MHS the better payout….is the claim.

After trying this for a few months I watched my MHS grow and I figured I would take my rewards and sell my MHS back for BTC ….only issue is you have to sell it those who are willing to buy and the value of the MHS to BTC ratio fluctuates. I was able to sell mine back and convert over to BTC but that was where it ended……I have now waited over two months and my withdrawal never came. I kept checking the queue but no status update and no answers to my created support tickets on the site. Instead, I found that my BTC withdrawal was canceled and my BTC was converted back to their currency MHS and they enabled Auto-Invest. So now I have to sell back MHS again and start process all over! Worse yet…. value of MHS has dropped substantially to what I sold for initially and it looks like my risk was not rewarded…..I accept this loss and my experiment with cloud mining is over but please for any of you out there who are curious take my advice and just look past this…any investment is a risk but with Scryptcc it’s a certainty!!!

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