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Coined: The Story of Cryptocurrency Documentary Project on KickStarter

18 Jun

This is something interesting in terms of a project looking for crowdfunding on KickStarter, a feature-length documentary about the people who create and use crypto currencies. If you are looking for some interesting project to support and are into crypto currencies, then it can be all set. Though we are wondering why there are also no addresses present to help the project by actually donating crypto currencies and not supporting it with money (not on the KickStarter page, but on the official project website for example). The guys behind the project are apparently not only experienced in filmmaking, but are also into crypto mining themselves and they have some footage that they have shot already available, so you can take a look at it. Though so far it is mostly covering DogeCoin (not that it is bad), but they will need to do more than that, a lot more. The expected release of the full featured documentary movie called “Coined: The Story of Cryptocurrency” is expected to happen sometime by the end of next year if the crowdfunding is successful. If you like the idea and what you can see you have 29 more days to support the project and help it reach the goal of $72000 USD or if not, they can at least move to taking crypto currency donations from users that are willing to support their idea.

For more information about the project for a crypto currency documentary on KickStarter…

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1 Response to Coined: The Story of Cryptocurrency Documentary Project on KickStarter

Chris Higgins

June 18th, 2014 at 01:32

Hey there – we have posted our tip addresses (for Dogecoin and Bitcoin) on our movie site ( Kickstarter doesn’t accept crypto, sadly. But we do.

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