Updated sgminer 5.0 beta Windows Binary

19 Jun


We have compiled a windows binary of the new sgminer 5.0 beta based on the latest (source) and you can download and try it yourself. The sgminer 5.0 beta is trying to provide an unified and feature-full GPU miner by integrating the kernels for mining various crypto currencies in a single miner. Furthermore the software tries to implement the option to use runtime-kernel-switching on the fly between crypto currencies using different algorithms. This way a single GPU mining rig can mine for different coins using different algorithms at the same time, or have these pools as failover etc. No need to use a different miner for different pools and for different coins anymore, or at least you may not have to when the software becomes a bit more stable and reliable.

You can download and try the new sgminer 5.0 beta for GPU Mining on Windows OS here…

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1 Response to Updated sgminer 5.0 beta Windows Binary


June 22nd, 2014 at 05:29

This is a huge improvement over the version of sgminer I had stable on darkcoin for the last 2-3 months. My r9 290s are getting 3.4 Mhs versus 2.5 before. Incredible work! Post a darkcoin address so that I can donate to the cause.

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