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GAWMiners With an Upcoming 500 MHS Scrypt ASIC – The Vaultbreaker

22 Jun


GAWMiners has just released some interesting information, their plans to start offering what they call the world’s first 500 MHS Scrypt ASIC miner, and on top of that it will be powered by sub-1000 Watts power supply. The Vaultbreaker and its brother, the smaller 250 MHS Vaultbreaker Mini – for the compact enthusiasts – are the first of a new line of Scrypt ASIC machines GAW will release. Shipping time for the first batch is apparently planned for the end of Q3, or early Q4, with the company promising that they will try to beat the KnC Titan to market. The pre-orders for the new Scrypt ASIC miner should start today for existing customers and after that, they will be opening up the doors to the public at large on the 24th. The price for the pre-order is currently set at $8999.95 USD or $4999.95 USD for the Mini, so cheaper than the other competing products that do currently promise lower hashrate. There is no information what the ASIC chips inside the miner will be, but with this kind of performance promised at sub 1000W power consumption you can guess that we are talking about 28nm chips or even less…

For more information about the new Vaultbreaker Scrypt ASIC miner you can check GAWMiners website…

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2 Responses to GAWMiners With an Upcoming 500 MHS Scrypt ASIC – The Vaultbreaker


June 23rd, 2014 at 05:40

I bet the chip supplier are these guys:


June 24th, 2014 at 07:38

Psssss, be quiet that`s a secret ;-)

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