The GAWMiners Vaultbreaker With 50% Higher Hashrate

11 Jul


Just about three weeks ago GAWMiners have announced their upcoming Vaultbreaker Scryt ASIC miners – a 500 MHS model and a 250 GHS mini. Today they have announced an updated about these new miners saying they will offer 50% increase in the hashrate for all existing and new customers that pre-order a Vaultbreaker. So the Vaultbreaker will be 750 MHS and costs $6999.95 USD (Batch 2 pre-order) and the Vaultbreaker Mini will be 375 MHS and costs $3795 USD (Batch 2 pre-order). The expected shipping date is still the end of Q3 (optimistic) or early Q4 (realistic).

The initial prices for the Batch 1 pre-orders were $8999.95 USD and $4999.95 USD respectively and the 500 MHS miner was supposed to provide this hashrate at sub 1000W of power usage. So the new prices for Batch 2 are now lower and offer higher hashrate (Batch 1 miners should also be upgraded to the new speeds). The new hashrate of 750 MHS however does come with 1500W of power consumption and the 375 MHS Mini will be with 900W of power consumption. So the extra 50% increase in terms of power do not come from further optimization, but apparently are a result of additional chips. With the new hashrate however the Vaultbreakers do become more attractive alternative than KnCMiner’s Neptune miners, especially if they can deliver at the same time or even earlier.

For more information about the GAWMiners Valutbreaker Scrypt ASICs…

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6 Responses to The GAWMiners Vaultbreaker With 50% Higher Hashrate

Just Saying

July 12th, 2014 at 03:18

And profitability will drop by 70 percent by the time it comes out. No thanks.


July 14th, 2014 at 05:34

This is killing mining for everyone.


July 14th, 2014 at 17:00

That’s silly, it isn’t killing it. You should have your GPUs mining one of the newer variants and your ASICS pumping away at scrypt. You need to get on the new stuff relatively early and you’ll be fine. We’re evolving you’re going to have to get used to it.


July 16th, 2014 at 23:55

No More Pre Orders!!


July 27th, 2014 at 03:41

I’m not afraid to say that I am disjointed in the recent decline in coin values hence, same for my rigs value, but when I signed up to play this game several months ago, I knew it’s going to be a ride! Up and Down. That’s what roller coasters are like! ;) And Man, is it a FAST one or what? It was going to be a risky game but an interesting, fulfilling and possibly quite profitable game too!

I for one, do not like pre-sales because by the time you receive your Pre-Payer Sucker’- discounted machine, coin values have dropped ‘Lord Knows How Much!’ Too Much Probably!’AGAIN!

When are pre-payers going to learn?
Oh, anyway, I know some are quite passionate about this game and their hardware! Lots of guys love their new ‘pre-paid’ toys and or are simply the hands on type who has to have and can afford the cutting edge machines.

I know if one buys enough hashing power, one can guarantee – well have an extremely good chance at ROI in days to a few weeks. I’d lean toward days if I were such a gambler due to the current sharp trends occurring by the day! Heck! By the minute, depending on the coin!

IF you can afford to pay with the big boys, more power to ya and good luck! You’re probably gonna make some decent COIN!

But for us small time players, it’s a real bummer! It’s also unfair that we cannot afford to compete equally since heck, the virtual coin game is supposed to even the playing field for all of us, right? No one entity can control, corner or overwhelm the market, right?

Right now the general advantage lays with the manufacturers and resellers. But, who’s going to supply us with hardware to hash with in the first place?
It’s like Real Estate in a way. You pay what the house is going to be worth in 20 years, not what it cost to build it. Same with miners. Pre-pay or not, you’re still going to have to get through the initial ROI period and you very well still may not even accomplish that!

I mean, the mighty BitCoin might just go POOF! Then at least, we’ll all be EQUALLY SCREWED! :D

This game is a gamble. It’s a great game and I love it! I’m just pissed that my miners are now only making me about 24 cents per day where they were making more than a Dollar per day just recently!

I for one am going to let this thing shake out for a few more MONTHS before I decide if I’m going to continue to invest in it or not.
We all have an equal chance at making it big with coins if we just keep mining, saving and exchanging them on the open market. This WILL drive values back up over time! I am sure of it!

IT still is possible for any of us to one day get to say, EUREKA! I STRUCK IT RICH!

Just my .0000009 Btc


September 1st, 2014 at 13:04

This is pretty cool but I think Turing Stations miners have a better ROI. Gawminers are pretty solid but I have my doubts they’ll ship the miners in time.

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