New sgminer 5.0 beta Fork with Faster Whirlpool Algorithm Support

24 Jul


There is now a new fork of sgminer 5.0 beta that brings Whirlpool algorithm support for mining crypto currencies such as Whirlcoin on AMD-based GPUs. The new fork by a user called uraymeiviar (source) and it brings a nice hashrate improvement over the previously available sph-sgminer fork by djm34. We have compiled a windows binary from the new source and have already tested it on an AMD Radeon R9 280X GPU, the result we got was 9400 KHS, so about twice as fast than previously in terms of hashrate. You can download and try the windows binary yourself from the link below. Do note that this version of sgminer also supports most other new algorithms, so you an use it for mining not only Whirlpool coins, but others as well. Also make sure to be using the latest 14.6/14.7 beta drivers from AMD in order to get the best performance.

To download the new faster sgminer fork with Whirlpool algorithm support for Windows OS…

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2 Responses to New sgminer 5.0 beta Fork with Faster Whirlpool Algorithm Support


July 24th, 2014 at 15:11

my hashrate doubled but my accepted share always zero


July 25th, 2014 at 00:17

sputnik1, what hardware are you using, at which pool do you mine at, what version of the video drivers are you using…?

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