Our Progress Report on Lunamine Cloud Mining Profitability

7 Aug


It has been a month already since we have purchased a 100 GHS Bitcoin cloud mining contract at Lunamine, the service that probably has the current lowest price per GHS for BTC cloud mining. For our 100 GHS BTC mining contract we’ve had to pay 0.25234804 or a little over 0.0025 BTC per GHS and currently the price is still pretty much the same just some hours before another network difficulty increase. For the past month we have mined with our 100 GHS we have already reached almost 33% return of the initial investment in the hasrate, definitely not bad for just a month of mining. Because of the steady increase in the Bitcoin network hashrate it will not be just 3 months for the full ROI, but more like 4 months, depending on the speed of difficulty increase, but even 4 months is not bad at all. Thought he actual profit after that will not be very big for our 100 GHS as long as the mined coins are more than the fee for electricity at the service the mining contract will continue to run. And we’ve already calculated that it will take at least 8 months if the price remains the same and the difficulty increases with about 10% at each readjustment, so probably the lifetime of 100 GHS contract will be about a year. If you get more hashrate however the lifetime of the contract will be even longer. Do note that this service is still very new, so we still advice caution if investing in it and as usual a word of warning – do not invest more BTC than you can afford to loose.

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