Is Bitmain Preparing to Launch a Scrypt ASIC – Antminer L1

3 Sep


The official website of Bitmain Tech has a new product listing for a few days already of a new device called Antminer L1, but there are still no details and specifications published. However the listing for the new device has the speed rating listed in MH/s even though it currently says 0 instead of GH/s rating that we see listed for the Bitcoin ASIC miners that the company sells. Until now Bitmain has only been offering Bitcoin miners, however it will not be a surprise if they have been working on a Scrypt ASIC miner as well and may soon launch such a device. For the moment there are still only speculations about the new device, but hopefully we are going to see an official announcement with specifications and know if it is going to be another Bitcoin miner or a Scrypt ASIC miner.

Update: The announcement just came, AntMiner L1 will be a Litecoin miner offering a price of $5 per MHS and will start shipping in December. The L1 miner should provide a hashrate of 120 MHS for Scrypt mining and will have a price of $599 USD per unit with free shipping worldwide, based on 28nm production process it will have a power usage of 380 Watt at the wall. It also seems that the new miner will have support for mining Scrypt-N crypto currencies as well and not only Scrypt ones. There is also something new about the Bitmain AntMiner L1 miner and that is the fact that the company is essentially accepting pre-orders for a device that should be ready for shipping in about 3 months from now. Up until now Bitmain has announced new products and shortly after that the company started shipping them, so the products were ready when announced and not still in the development stage as is the case with the L1 miner apparently.

Visit the official product page of the upcoming Bitmain Antminer L1 ASIC miner…

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September 3rd, 2014 at 15:27

There are details.

Litecoin AntMiner L1 for sales $5/MH/s ships in December

Only Available at

Today, BITMAIN is thrilled to announce a significant accomplishment in our Scrypt ASIC development – Litecoin AntMiner L1 is launched. Global Sales open in the Beijing Time 22:00pm Sept. 3rd, (UCT+8:00 Time Zone) Shipping time is in December.

Our brand new, high-performance L1 will be hashing at 120MH/s with the market-best pricing of only $599.00 USD per unit with free shipping worldwide, hailing in at a market-topping rate $5/MH/s. This ensures our L1 will be absolute the best $/MH/s as well as power efficiency spec in the Scrypt mining market. What’s more, a dramatic discount will be given to bulk orders.

L1 will be produced with our state-of-art chip powered by the 28nm tech process. The efficiency is only 2.37J/MH at Core Voltage 0.81v on chip level. The Core Voltage and Hash Rate will be adjustable by software, over clocking and under clocking will be very easy to operate while miners trade-off the speed and efficiency. Moreover, the miner will be able to mine multifarious scrypt based altcoin, of which scrypt length can be 1024, 2048, 4096 (n = 10, 11 or 12).

L1 is a blade style miner similar with AntMiner S1, shipping without PSU.


Chip Core Voltage: 0.81v

Chip Efficiency: 2.37J/MH on chip**

Hash Rate: 120MH/s ±5% with great over clocking & under clocking potential

Power Consumption: 380 Watt at the wall**

Network Connection: Ethernet

Complied with: FCC / CE


**Chip Efficiency: Efficiency is a stimulation result. Though BITMAIN has good track records of making power effective miner, this is only stimulation. The final number depends on the testing results before shipping and it is not binding term.

**Power Consumption: This figure depends on the PSU efficiency, ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meters.


September 4th, 2014 at 17:03

**Chip Efficiency: Efficiency is a stimulation result.

so it is going to stimulate me? lol

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