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Miner Control, a New Auto Profit Switching Miner Controller Application

4 Sep


The successor of the NiceHash Control tool is now here and it is called Miner Control. The software from the same author, StuffOfInterest on Bitcointalk, is built on top of the basic profit switching algorithm use in NiceHash Control, but now comes with more pools supported. With Miner Control you are now able to switch between the most profitable pool among the following:NiceHash, TradeMyBit and YAAMP. There is also a manual configurations support for last resort backup pool also available, something that we have implemented in the form of a workaround for our mining packages that we have released for AMD and Nvidia that were using the NiceHash Control tool some time ago. We are soon going to be updating these packages to take advantage of the new features and functionality that the Miner Control offers, but meanwhile you can check out the new application and read about all of the new features and options it offers and also do your own configurations pairing it with a miner of your choice.

For more information and to download the new Miner Control application version 1.0…

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