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ZeusMiner Discount Coupon Codes to Try Out the ZeusHash Cheaper

7 Sep


If you are interested in trying out the ZeusMiner Scrypt cloud mining service that was just recently introduced and we’ve already covered here you can find the coupon codes below quite useful. 1 MHS of Scrypt cloud mining hashrate is normally priced at $16 USD, but if you pay with BTC, LTC or DRK you will get 5% discount from the price and some extra USD if you also use one of the promotional codes below when you add the hashrate in the shopping cart. Do note that the discount coupons listed below are single use ones, so they are on a first come, first use basis, so be quick before they are all used. Note that you can use just one coupon code per order and each coupon is a just single use one. You can use these coupon codes for discount on any of the Zeus products, however we do recommend to use them for the ZeusHash to get hashrate cheaper and have a faster ROI.

ZeusMiner Discount Coupon Codes:

$2 Off Cart Total – raf8ed6c421
$1 Off Cart Total – raf3b3f23ba
$1 Off Cart Total – raf2cb8de98
$3 Off Cart Total – rafbdd7b1e9
$1 Off Cart Total – raf28fac985
$1 Off Cart Total – rafe044c0d3
$6 Off Cart Total – raf0a10901a
$3 Off Cart Total – raff744b401
$1 Off Cart Total – rafa1198e2e
$7 Off Cart Total – raf8eca9171
$1 Off Cart Total – raf0957b762
$7 Off Cart Total – rafdba442ed
$1 Off Cart Total – raf771f796e
$1 Off Cart Total – rafdf619615
$1 Off Cart Total – raf8e970696
$7 Off Cart Total – raf3c3d0f62

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