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KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC Miners to Start Shipping Next Week

11 Sep


Today KnCMiner has announced that the company is ready to finally start shipping the much anticipated Batch 1 of Titan Scrypt ASIC miners to the customers that have preordered the devices. The pre-order price of the 300 MHS KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC miner was $9995 USD without VAT (initially it was just 100 MHS) and when the preorder was announced earlier this year this may have looked like a good deal. Now however the situation is not so good and the 300 MHS units that are about to start shipping in Monday next week, according to KnC, will need quite a lot of time to just even ROI in the current market conditions. If the difficulty remains at the current level as it is at the moment you would still need about half a year just to ROI what you have paid for the miner and we know that once these ASICs start shipping we are going to see a serious increase in the total network hashrate and difficulty for Litecoin…

In fact the people that have pre-ordered or are considering pre-ordering the Batch 2 KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC miners might have more luck and get faster ROI time as their units that are supposed to start shipping sometime next month will be upped to 400 MHS hashrate and cost $6995 USD without VAT. Even though these miners at that price are also not so attractive in the current market situation, so the interest in them will probably not be that high now, especially when the competition is also preparing interesting and more affordable products with higher hashrate and lower power usage.

But back to Batch 1 miners, these 300 MHS Scrypt ASICs will be broken down to 4 separate cubes using the design that the company’s 3 THS Neptune Bitcoin ASCI miners relied upon and will have a total power consumption rated at 1160 watts. This also means that each of the cubes will use almost 300 watts of power, so hopefully KnC will equip these with two PCI-E power connectors instead of just one like on the Neptunes. The announcement from KnCMiner that they are ready to start shipping the Titans did contain something interesting as well, namely the following “The Titan was designed for several variants of the Scrypt algorithm, including Scrypt-N”. This suggests that the Titan will also be capable of mining Scrypt-N coins at a lower hashrate than that available for Scrypt-based crypto coins.

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3 Responses to KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC Miners to Start Shipping Next Week


September 12th, 2014 at 22:16

Not that I have been paying that close attention to it, but I didn’t realize a Titan was actually four separate cubes. The product shots are a little deceiving in that way.


September 13th, 2014 at 03:48

This is unfortunate for anyone who has money tied up in this thing. It can’t ROI under current conditions let alone when the difficulty skyrockets. I am sorry =(


September 13th, 2014 at 10:47

@d hmm didn’t know that, Thanks! good to know…

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