Interesting New Features for GAW Miners Hashlet Owners

15 Sep


It has been a month already since the introduction of the GAW Miners Hashlet and for the time that has passed a lot has happened. If you were among the first to purchase Hashlets you might have already got half of your investment back, today we have reached $40 USD mined from our initial $80 USD investment in 5 MHS to try out the Hashlet when it was introduced. The new higher prices and different Hashlet miners will probably need some more time to ROI, but with the new features being added the difference may not be much. And talking about new features, today some new interesting additions were made to the Hashlets, the ability to sell your Hashlet at 80% of the Retail price should you decide that you no longer want to have it – this is available for all Hashlets. When you put your Hashlet on sale it will continue to mine for you until it gets sold to someone else that is currently buying this type of Hashlet (in first 24 hours we could not sell a Hashlet that we wanted to test the new feature with). The other new interesting feature is available only for the Hashlet Prime – an option to boost your hashrate twice a day with 50% (by clicking the small rocket next to the hashrate) for 30 minutes each time (once every 12 hours).

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1 Response to Interesting New Features for GAW Miners Hashlet Owners

Shawn Becker

October 13th, 2014 at 10:37

GAW is a joke, they just changed their “guaranteed buyback” on the primes, without announcement. They just decided they don’t want to adhere to all previous statements in regard to it. They’ll now generously buyback your primes for 40 MINUS anything you mined with them. LOL. Essentially if you paid more than 40 you lose. Previously it was just buyback at 40.

Stay Away. Is my suggestion, they don’t adhere to promises made.

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