What You Can Currently Earn With Genesis Mining Cloud Mining

15 Sep


We have already mentioned the recently lowered prices and lifetime contracts of Genesis Mining a few days ago. Now we can also take a look at what you can expect to earn if you purchase a cloud mining contract based on actual hashrate at the service and what it is earning on a daily basis. Starting with Bitcoin cloud mining and 10 THS hashrate that can currently earn you $80-$90 USD per day, that is if you are ready to pay $9790 USD price for the contract.

BTC earnings per day for 10 THS SHA256:

19.09.2014 – 0.17785190 BTC
18.09.2014 – 0.18023490 BTC
17.09.2014 – 0.18167440 BTC
16.09.2014 – 0.17355410 BTC
15.09.2014 – 0.18752240 BTC
14.09.2014 – 0.18290000 BTC
13.09.2014 – 0.20100000 BTC
12.09.2014 – 0.21401850 BTC
11.09.2014 – 0.16451335 BTC


Here is how the situation looks like if you decide to purchase 100 MHS worth of Scrypt mining hashrate and want to be paid in Bitcoins. What you will get is about $20-$25 USD per day in terms of earnings based on the current exchange rate for BTC. At the moment the price of 100 MHS Scrypt cloud mining hashrate is $1499 USD. It is interesting to note that the ROI of Scrypt cloud mining is currently faster in the current market situation, however Scrypt mining is also a bit harder to predict and riskier. If you invest the same amount of cash in Scrypt mining hashrate at the moment as you would need for the 10 THS SHA-256 cloud mining contract in short term you can expect to get about $130-$160 USD per day, or close to double that of the same investment in Bitcoin cloud mining. The only problem is that in just a few weeks time the profitability of Scrypt might not be as good as it is at the moment as compared to Bitcoin.

BTC earnings per day for 100 MHS Scrypt:

19.09.2014 – 0.04232800 BTC
18.09.2014 – 0.04822550 BTC
17.09.2014 – 0.04522190 BTC
16.09.2014 – 0.04800210 BTC
15.09.2014 – 0.04580810 BTC
14.09.2014 – 0.04798480 BTC
13.09.2014 – 0.05282940 BTC
12.09.2014 – 0.04697350 BTC
11.09.2014 – 0.04349110 BTC

So if you decide to invest in Genesis Mining in either Scrypt or SHA-256 cloud mining contracts make sure that you do the math using also the above numbers of actual earnings that you can currently expect to get. Do note that the numbers cited above are with the fees already deducted, so they reflect the actual amount of coins that you will receive on a daily basis as earnings. If you have already decided to get some cloud mining hashrate we have a bonus for you, a promo code – “CryptoMiningBlog5” that will give you an extra 5% discount on every purchase, valid for both Scrypt and SHA-256 cloud mining hashrate at Genesis Mining.

You can check the Scrypt and SHA256 cloud mining services offered by Genesis Mining here…

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3 Responses to What You Can Currently Earn With Genesis Mining Cloud Mining


September 17th, 2014 at 14:40

Really cool service, but I don’t quite understand why they give you the option to mine dogecoin on its own. Shouldn’t most scrypt coins merge mine doge at this point? Multipool seems to be doing it

Thanks again for sharing the info about this service, I am trying it out and 5% off is sweet


September 19th, 2014 at 11:20

They’ve had DOGE support long before the merged mining was announced, they should however remove it now as it is pointless to be directly mined…

Ian Foxley

September 21st, 2014 at 09:57

Nice article. I am doing something similar myself but with a lower amount of hashpower. I purchased a 1 MH/s and a 10 GH/s contract with Genesis Mining and am comparing the payouts of a Zen Hashlet, a Waffle Hashlet and a Genesis Hashlet. The results are shown on a series of videos on Youtube.

First video is here http://youtu.be/i8mj-QoK9Ro
There are 6 in all now and will do one more video to make up a week, then do a weekly series.


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