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More Reasonable Bitcoin Cloud Mining Prices from KNCMiner

23 Sep


Earlier this month when KNCMiner has announced their KNC Cloud mining plans the prices they asked were way too high to even consider investing in them as they offered no chance of ROI in the 6 months contract periods. Now, apparently after KNC has seen no user interest in their services they started offering a new and only one more reasonably priced Bitcoin cloud mining plan that may seem more attractive to users. The new Bitcoin cloud mining from KNC Cloud is for 400 GHS available for $249 USD with contract duration of 6 months, much better than the initial plan that offered 1 THS for $1995 USD again for 6 months.

So it seems that the new prices are about $0.6225 per GHS for 6 months and the old one was $1.995 USD or we are essentially seeing a more than three times lower price per GHS at the moment. Do note that these prices are for 6 month contracts, not for a year, so the yearly price would be double these numbers, and at this price you could actually consider to invest in some cloud mining hashrate at KNC. There are also no additional maintenance or electricity fees that you need to pay according to KNC. Running the numbers through a mining profit calculator shows that even at the current lower Bitcoin price you should be able to get a return of your investment in less than 6 months if the BTC price remains the same and the network dificulty does not increase with more than 10% each step in these 6 months.

We actually wanted to to try out the KNC Cloud service by purchasing a cloud mining contract at the new price, however we could not finish the purchase procedure for the cloud mining hashrate probably due to a problem in the KNC system that is apparently not properly configured to work with cloud mining hashrate yet. We could not get past the shipping method page even though shipping is not required for the cloud mining hashrate, no matter what we have tried (USA, UK even Sweden address and others) we ended up with a red message saying: “No shipping method available for this combination of products and shipping country“. So what we can say is do not bother with KNC Cloud as you probably will end up with the same error message trying to purchase cloud mining hashrate from them as apparently they are not willing to sell any to anyone. According to KNC “This offer is only available in select territories”, but which territories are actually supported and how that does even matter when you are selling cloud mining service and not a physical hardware?!

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1 Response to More Reasonable Bitcoin Cloud Mining Prices from KNCMiner


September 23rd, 2014 at 20:34

haha you made me laugh at the end :)
Maybe it is some kind of fail save, to protect you.
Because you will not roi in 6 months.

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