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Hashnest Still Has ~2 PHS of Bitcoin Cloud Hashrate to Sell

3 Oct


It seems that Hashnest, Bitmain’s Bitoin cloud mining platform, is having trouble to sell their initial 4 Petahashes worth of Bitcoin hashrate even though they have recently lowered the price per GHS down to 0.001125 BTC from 0.00135 BTC. They still have almost 2 PHS unsold and the reason for that is very simple – with the current BTC price the maintenance fees you need to pay are about 60% of what you are mining with your purchased hashrate. The new lower price was apparently not the only countermeasure they have taken, as we have received 20% increase in our initial purchase of 100 GHS to try out the service when it was announced early last month. We have not seen any official announcement or received anything by email about the increase of the hashrate, but it seems that this is some kind of bonus…

The hashrate we have purchased on 2nd of September was 100 GHS for 0.135 BTC and now, a month later, we are checking how things are progressing with our earned coins for this whole time. What we have earned until 2nd of October in our wallet is 0.0318239 BTC or a bit short of 1/4th of the amount we have paid for 1 month. That however does not mean that we are going to be able to ROI in three more months, because of the constantly increasing network difficulty it will take more time than that, especially if the fees continue to remain as high as they currently are. So at the moment it may not be a wise idea to invest in cloud hashrate at Hashnest and people apparently are aware of that as the service is having trouble to sell the second half of their initial offering of 4 PHS Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate powered by Bitmain AntMiner S2 ASIC miners.

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