The New ZeusHash Cloud Mining Service Now Officially Open for Users

3 Oct


After a short period of closed beta testing the new ZeusHash cloud mining service by ZeusMiner has been officially launched and is now open for registration. The users that have previously purchased ZeusHash Scrypt cloud mining hashrate will have their hashrate transferred to the new platform in the form of 1 year contract with no maintenance fees. The hashrate that can now be purchased directly through the new ZeusHash platform however does come in the form of unlimited contract with maintenance fees. The current cloud mining BTC/LTC hashrates are with prices of $0.889 USD per GHS for Bitcoin mining hashrate and $15.99 USD per MHS for Litecoin mining hashrate. Currently the service operates with maintenance fees fixed at $0.003 USD per day for each 1 GHS Bitcoin cloud hashrate and $0.059 USD for each 1 MHS worth of Scrypt cloud mining hashrate.

The initial closed beta test included 400 people, and now since the service is open for everyone to try it out and it was just launched there could be some issues with too high demand for users initially. Especially considering the fact that ZeusMiner has already announced that the first 100 users (number 1-100) who register for Zeushash will receive 4 GHS BitCoin node power and users between 101 and 1000 we will get 1 GHS BitCoin node power and 100 KHS LiteCoin node power for a month. At the moment it seems that the service appears a bit slow in terms of speed and may occasionally be unavailable, but hopefully this will soon be resolved. We already have our account and the hashrate from the old service already transferred to the new platform. The prices for the hashrate being sold are not bad, however the maintenance fees for the BTC hashrate are not so low as with some other alternative services. This is to be expected however as ZeusMiner does not make SHA-256 ASIC miners on their own, so as a Scrypt ASIC manufacturer their terms and prices for LTC mining are expected to be better.

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October 15th, 2014 at 15:33

Zeushash is the best cloud hashing site!!!

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