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KnCMiner Responding With Some Tips for Titan Owners Reporting Issues

9 Oct


Today the guys at KnCMiner have released some tips for users that have received or are about to get their Titan Scrypt ASIC miners regarding how to maximize the hashrate and meet the announced 300 MHS expectations that users are having. According to KNC the use of crypto coins with very fast blocktimes on multi-pools are not recommended for maximum hashrate and they do recommend users to go for the following pools that should not have issues with the high hashrate that the Titan miners have:

WeMineLTC (stable above 300MH/s, this pool also merge-mines DOGE).
LiteGuardian (best performance so far but LTC only (no merged DOGE mining)) 300MH/s+
GHash (300MH/s+ on both LTC and Multi-pool)

KNCMiner have also announced that they are working with some other pools in order to improve performance with the Titan miners where currently users are having trouble getting at 300 MHS. These pools include Coinotron, where they are apparently getting around 260-270MH/s so far as well as CleverMining and apparently others that were not cited in the latest news release coming from the company.

The settings KNC recommends to be used on the mentioned above pools:

WeMineLTC: Use the regular stratum and leave the worker settings at default; stratum+tcp://
LiteGuardian: Use the ASIC-ready URL: stratum+tcp://
Ghash: Set the difficuly to 8192 at the pool, you can find this under worker settings. You can use the LTC/DOGE or Multipool URLs: stratum+tcp:// or stratum+tcp://

This however is not enough to cover for the many more problems that users who have already reported after receiving their Titan miners as the lower than advertised hashrate is just one of the issues that is often experienced. It also does not cover the fact that KnCMiner is already late in shipping all of their Titan Batch 1 miners to users, something that was supposed to happen before the end of Q3 and we are already Q4 with a lot of people still waiting for their mining hardware. With the KNC policy of not offering refunds to customers, their products having a lot of issues, the company delaying shipments and so on it seems that a lot of people are already considering taking legal action against KnCMiner…

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1 Response to KnCMiner Responding With Some Tips for Titan Owners Reporting Issues

Mike Fonders

October 9th, 2014 at 22:00

“Ghash: Set the difficuly to 8192 at the pool, you can find this under worker settings.”

Really? I found the difficulty settings at under GHash.IO Settings.

Thanks for this great article and your great work with the blog !!

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