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Alpha Technology Shows Their First Produced Viper ASIC Chips

13 Oct


Alpha Technology has promised their customers that they will ship this month, October, after the company was unable to deliver by the end of September already. Today the pictures of the first produced Viper ASIC chips have been posted by the company and now they need to start assembling them into the Scrypt miners. And although no date is yet mentioned when they will be able to start shipping Viper Scrypt ASIC miners, it now seems realistic to believe that there is a chance that the first units may start shipping before the end of the month. Alpha Technology has also promised to “also be quickly releasing a video demonstrating our chips hashing as an update to the community”, so we are now waiting to see the first actual Viper unit in action.

Specifications wise the smaller 50 MHS Viper Scrypt ASIC miner and the bigger 250 MHS Viper Scrypt ASIC still look OK compared to other mining hardware already available on the market, though at the prices that they were originally sold you can already buy more powerful hardware in terms of hashrate. The situation with the time required for the Vipers to ROI is very similar to that of the situation with KnCMiner Titan miners – not very likely that it will ever happen, unless the price of LTC does increase quite a bit over the current level. So it will be very interesting to see what will happen with the company if/after it ships all of the pre-ordered miners – will they reduce the prices and continue making and selling the Vipers to new customers, will they be working on new generation of chips or…

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