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Mining Rig Rentals Adds Support for X14 Algorithm

24 Oct


With the already available support for X11, X13 and X15 the Mining Rig Rentals service for users leasing their mining rigs and users willing to rent mining hashrate has also introduced support for the X14 algorithm. X11 however still remains the most popular algorithm for GPU mining rigs at the moment now that SHA-256 and Scrypt are already in the domain of ASIC miners and other algorithms using GPUs such as X13, Keccak, NIST5, Fresh and so on are still a lot behind the interest in X11. Nevertheless MRR is the first service to offer support for X14 algorithm and the service also offers support for some other algorithms that are not being supported by other alternatives for renting mining rigs or hashrate. Currently there are quite a few rigs already available for rent supporting X14 and very few are already rented, so if you need X14 hashrate you might want to check the prices and the available hashrate.

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