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KnCMiner Preparing New ASIC Miner to be Released by the End of the Year

25 Oct


KnCMiner has posted something interesting on Twitter in response to the story about them stopping to sell mining hardware to end users and focusing on building their data centers that was started by Bloomberd, apparently the company does not have such plans and is already working on something new to be introduced by the end of the year. It is a fact however that at the moment KnCMiner is not selling miners to customers, their Neptune Bitcoin miners and Titan Scrypt miners are not being sold – they are listed as out of stock. The cloud mining services that are apparently being offered are in fact also not being sold as no matter what location you set you cannot complete the purchase of hashrate (there is a mention about the cloud offer “available in select territories”, but no mention which ones if any). Furthermore many of the current customers are not happy with KnCMiner as they are failing to deliver on their promises, a lot of people are still waiting for their long promised bonus Bitcoin miners and many people still have not received their Titan Scrypt ASICs even though the we are already past the promised Q2/Q3 delivery. The people that have received their Titan miners are complaining from various issues and KNC is not issuing refunds even after failing to deliver on their promises. So with the current not so favorable situation for the company, even if they try to continue to sell mining hardware to end users they may find it hard to convince people to buy it…

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