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MintPal Justice, The Full Story of MintPal’s Demise

7 Nov


If you still haven’t read how and what exactly led to the demise of the MintPal crypto currency exchange, one of the big ones for altcoin trading until a few months ago, then you might want to check out the website called MintPal Justice. The website is the official effort of the former partners of Alex Green aka Ryan Kennedy that have purchased the crypto currency exchange earlier this year to bring him to justice. On that website Michael and Ferdous tell the whole story from their point of view and how they became partners with Ryan Kennedy, or “Alex Green” – the CEO of MooPay Ltd for the acquisition of MintPal from its previous owners. It seems that Ryan Kennedy not only cheated and lied to the users of the MintPal exchange, but also his partners and employees in the end getting away with thousands of Bitcoins that are not his own. The website MintPal Justice also takes donations with the goal to cover the legal fees of the effort to bring Ryan Kennedy to justice. So far the effort has generated over 22 BTC in donations out of the goal of 75 total required (roughly $25000 USD).

To read the whole story of MintPal’s Demise and to donate to the effort to bring Ryan Kennedy to Justice…

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