Fedoracoin (TIPS) on Cryptsy, the Exchange Rate Skyrockets

27 Jan


FedoraCoin (TIPS) has just been added to the Cryptsy exchange and has quickly moved from a dying status to a skyrocketing alternative crypto coin. The current exchange rate for TIPS is 0.00000085 LTC and you can quickly cash up well if you have been mining Fedoracoin when it was announced and the difficulty was very low. But even now, with this high exchange rate and low difficulty for mining you can still make even better profit mining TIPS than mining for DOGE. And since there are not that many pools for TIPS available, you can start mining immediately at Multipool that has restored the Fedoracoin mining pool they’ve had and closed recently.

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1 Response to Fedoracoin (TIPS) on Cryptsy, the Exchange Rate Skyrockets


May 21st, 2015 at 11:30

Problem is you stuck using cryptsy which sucks. Keep increasing limits for btc withdraws. Very high fees for btc withdraws. Were you able to withdraw from cryptsy at all?

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