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Trying Out the Hashie Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service

20 Nov


Hashie is a new Bitcoin cloud mining service that we’ve been keeping an eye on, it has been available for a bit over a month already, so we’ve decided that it is time to give it a try. The website is registered on October 9th and apparently the service operators want to operate the service anonymously and keep a low profile, like many other similar services, though this does rise some concern among users that are considering to invest in such a service. This is precisely why we gave some time before actually trying out the service ourselves. The main page of the service is pretty basic and does not give a lot of information about the service, you need to register in order to properly check it out and see all the features available to you. What we like is that the service operators seem pretty active in developing the service and have been adding new features all the time, though some of them do need a bit more work to be really good and optimally useful for the miners. We’ll be talking about these in a bit as well as covering what else is needed to make the service better based on our experience and opinion, but so far what we are seeing is very promising.


Up until today the service offered their Generation 1 miners for customers at a price of $4.90 USD per 10 GHS with $0.002 USD per GHS daily maintenance fee with some additional price discounts for volume purchases that can bring down the price per 10 GHS down to $4.51 USD. Today the service however announced their partnership with the AMHash mining farm that is apparently operated by ASICMiner and RockMiner and has started offering cloud mining contracts from that service provider. The old Generation 1 contracts are still available, however the new AMhash ones are are priced lower at 0.0012 BTC per GHS and have a lower daily maintenance fee of $0.00163 USD per GHS. Both contracts are unlimited and continue until the mined coins are more than what you need to pay for maintenance fees with instant activation. The Hashie service also offers 10 GHS free miner for everyone that registers to test the service, however until you purchase some cloud mining hashrate you are not able to withdraw any of the mined coins from the free miner. The minimum purchase you can go for is 20 GH and the payments are made with BTC, in order to purchase hashrate you need to send the coins you your account’s wallet – only 3 confirmations are required before you can spend the BTC for hashrate.


The service has a market where you can put for sale your hashrate if you want to sell it to get cash faster, there are already some offers available, however there is a bit of a problem with the market at the moment. You are not able to purchase just a part of the hashrate put on sale by a user of the service, you need to buy it all, so this makes it harder to actually use this feature. Also the new AMhash cloud hashrate is not yet trade-able on the Market, only the Generation 1 is. The good thing about the market is that you might be able to get a better price per GHS, especially when purchasing bigger amounts of hashrate. Again, buying on the Market requires you to already have the needed amount of Bitcoins available in your account’s wallet and you can of course not only buy, but also sell your purchased hashrate should you decide so. You also have the option to Rename, Merge and Split your miners as every purchase you make becomes a separate miner instance and you can also use the Auto-rebuy functionality to automatically reinvest some of the earnings in more hashrate.


The service has daily payouts, but they are not automatically sent to your Bitcoin wallet, just credited to your service account and you can withdraw them after that if they meet the minimums set. The minimum withdraw amount is 0.0012 BTC and there is a 0.0002 BTC fee that will be subtracted from the amount you decide to withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet. The thing that is not so nice is that you actually don’t know how much you will earn on a daily basis, there is no estimation provided by the service, you need to wait for the daily payout to be executed to see how much you have earned for the previous day. This means that you do not get earnings credited when a block is solved, this happens once every 24 hours automatically and you need to check the Transactions log after that to see how much you have mined with your hashrate available. The good thing is that there is a detailed information in the transaction log on how much was actually mined and what were the electricity fees you have paid etc., so it is quite useful and detailed. It would’ve been nice to also get a statistics for things like mined this week or month, since the start etc. to make it easier to keep a track of your ROI as this is important for miners.

So far we like what we are seeing as functionality of the service and it seems to work pretty well, though the functionality does need some more improvements to make it even better it does seem like a cloud mining service to keep an eye on. We are going to continue testing it and reporting our experience as time goes by, but so far things are looking promising and the price per GHS and the maintenance fees does seem to be one of the best currently available, especially with the new AMhash contracts just introduced. If you just want to check the service out you can register and claim your free 10 GHS miner, it is quick and completely free to do it and then decide if you should invest in more hashrate. We started like that, then bought some Generation 1 hashrate and now we are also going to be purchasing some AMhash cloud mining hashrate as well to see how it goes. As usual when considering to invest in cloud mining services do not put all of your investment in just one place and never spend more than you can afford to loose.

For more information and to try out the Hashie Bitcoin cloud mining service with 10 GHS free…

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9 Responses to Trying Out the Hashie Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service


November 20th, 2014 at 18:57

Interesting, so is it a better deal to buy it from Havelock or Hashie?


November 20th, 2014 at 19:17

The prices are pretty much the same, the AMHASH1 ICO on Havelock Investments is now over, but you can maybe get a slightly lower price on users selling their units. The dividends paid should be pretty much the same as the mined coins from Hashie as the maintenance fee is the same, but we are going to be checking that and comparing it to the daily dividends being paid at HI. In general using Hashie should be more to the liking of miners while Havelock Investments should be more to the liking of people used to traditional investments paying dividends.


November 20th, 2014 at 23:37

Remember to allow in your safelist. The confirmation email could get blocked and you won’t be able to get into the site (noted from personal experience).


November 21st, 2014 at 02:00

though quick support in fixing my mistake (~2hrs)


November 21st, 2014 at 04:42

“You are not able to purchase just a part of the hashrate put on sale by a user of the service”. I’m not sure that is a fault. If I put up 100GH/s for some amount I would want that full price then and there. I am assuming that just b/c my hashrate is up on the market, that hashrate is still producing bitcoin for me until it is sold. If chunks get sold off, albeit at the original GH/s to btc ratio, it would mess up my production forecasts and make selling much tougher to calculate for me.

I’m seeing the market more of a backstop for the seller. They are saying “I’m looking to make x BTC from this y GH/s, over z period of time. If you want to make z equal now, pay me x.” If someone could purchase chunks of “y”, it would make the math a lot more complicated and would require resetting the price of the remaining GH/s, unless it was all sold very quickly afterwards. So maybe that could be a function of the market, allow bids on hashrate and the hashrate could be sold to a bunch of people all at once when the original full amount was reached (ie: the original sale price is 1.5 btc for the 100 GH/s and you bid .5 btc for 30 GH/s, another person bids .7 btc of 50GH/s, and a third person bids .3 btc for 20GH/s. When that third person bids, the GH/s is sold.).

Hopefully this made some sense.


November 21st, 2014 at 23:12

It has made sense, you are right for some things, but the idea is that the Market is created by the people selling their hashrate on it. If it is full with people selling only thousands of GHS, then it might not be useful for many and the trade might not be going much. But the website has an option to split and merge miners, so sellers may decide to split their hashrate in smaller chunks to make it more interesting not only for large investors. At the moment the Market is not very useful as there aren’t many deals that are worth it, especially after the announcement of the AMHash miners as on Gen1 miners are currently supported for sale.


December 24th, 2014 at 13:30

I love it when cloud services think up some completely useless promotion to hook the gullible. Get $23 if we close down and your investment goes poof. WOW, pay just $395 and get $23 back!
In the mean time get paid 1/155th in dividends every week. You can hit positive ROI in just 3 years (of course the odds of the service still being up and profitable in 3 years are slightly better than an asteroid destroying the earth).


January 8th, 2015 at 08:51

Hashie is SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They reset all balances and stopped withdrawals, more drama on bitcointalk.
Please avoid!
HASHIE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emilian Belcin

January 27th, 2015 at 06:00

Now i cant even acces the site…..what happen with Hashie?

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