Official Windows Binary Release of the ccMiner 1.5 Fork by tpruvot Now Available

27 Nov


A few days ago we have posted a windows binary compiled from the latest source of ccMiner 1.5 from tpruvot and now an official final release is available with a windows binary release compiled by the author of the miner. The final version does come with some additional improvements as compared to the 1.5-git release from a few days ago, so if you are using the older windows binary you might want to update now. The ccMiner 1.5-tpruvot fork adds extranonce support that is used by services for selling and buying hashrate such as NiceHash and WestHash and also has further improved API and Nvidia GPU monitoring features available. In terms of performance there is some slight improvement especially for X13 where you may notice a bit higher hashrate as compared to the 1.5-git windows binary. The ccMiner 1.5-tpruvot fork supports Nvidia-based GPUs with Compute 3.0 or newer capabilities, so make sure that you are not trying to run the miner on too old hardware

To download the latest official release of ccMiner 1.5-tpruvot for Windows OS…

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