New Fixed Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.5-git Fork by SP for Maxwell

30 Nov


Yesterday we have published a windows binary compiled from the latest code of the ccMiner 1.5-git SP-MOD fork of the Nvidia miner optimized for Maxwell GPUs by SP (source). However it had some issues present, like problem with the launch configurations for X15 on GTX 970/980 GPUs, but these were quickly addressed and are now fixed,s o we have updated our windows binary release. Since we also used the same fork of ccMiner in our Miner Control 1.5.5 Pack for Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti also released yesterday, we have also included the new fixed windows binary in that package. So if you have downloaded it today you should re-download it again as the latest source code includes some other fixes and improvements as well. In terms of performance improvements, you will probably not see such as compared to yesterday’s windows binary, but if you are using an older release you should notice significant performance increase.

To download the latest ccMiner for Maxwell version 1.5-git by SP for Windows OS…

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