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New Altcoin Kryptohash (KHC) with New KSHAKE320 Algorithm

8 Dec


Kryptohash (KHC) is a new altcoin launched earlier this month that uses a brand new Proof-Of-Work algorithm (PoW) based on the Keccak but in a mode called Extendable-Output (a.k.a. SHAKE). SHAKE’s variable output makes it ideal for a Proof-Of-Work algorithm, as it can easily be configured to require large amount of memory which increases the computing cost to those attempting to perform large-scale ASIC attacks. In the case of the KSHAKE320 used by Kryptohash, each hash calculation requires 64Kb of RAM and it can be easily enhanced in the future to require 128Kb, 256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb, etc.

Kryptohash (KHC) is currently not available on any exchange. The coin currently has only an OpenCL miner available in the fork of a cgminer-khc fork that supports the KSHAKE320 algorithm. Also the coin has no pools supporting it available for the moment, meaning you can currently only solo mine it via the wallet. Other than being a cool new ASIC proof coin using a new crypto algorithm there isn’t much else to the coin for the moment, but still you can check it out if you are interested.

For more information about the new Kryptohash (KHC) with KSHAKE320 algorithm…

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