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Scrypt Cloud Hashrate Available Again at Genesis Mining

9 Dec


Genesis Mining is now offering again Scrypt cloud mining hashrate after a bit of time being out of stock, the newly available hashrate comes with new lower prices that bring 1 Megahash below $10 USD. You can now purchase 2 MHS for $19.98 USD ($9.99 per MH/s), 20 MHS for $195 USD ($9.75 per MH/s) and 100 MHS for $949 USD ($9.49 per MH/s). The daily maintenance fees are also lower currently at $0.04 USD per MHS, so with the current low price of Litecoin and the LTC network difficulty the actual daily profit that you can expect to get is not way too attractive. So you might want to consider trying out the automatic multipool profit-based switching or mine an alternative Scrypt crypto currency from the other coins supported besides LTC at the service. You can use our special promo code – CryptoMiningBlog5 that will give you an extra 5% discount on every purchase, also including SHA-256 cloud mining hashrate purchases at Genesis Mining.

For more information about the currently available hashrate from Genesis Mining…

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