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KnCMinion is a Pimped UI for the KnC Titan Scrypt ASIC Miner

17 Dec


Peter af Geijerstam, a developer who specializes in computer security, has released what he calls a pimped UI for the KnCMiner Titan ASIC, called KnCMinion, as an alternative to the standard old-fashioned user-interface of the device. His more up to date interface does not replace the original Titan UI, just adds a more modern and beautiful UI with the more important information available in a graphical form, not just plain text.

The KnCMinion interface is located in a subdirectory (/kncminion) and is designed to provide a bit more information in a graphical form to the user. It creates client-side graphs of historical values as long as the page is open – it will start empty each time, as no data is stored on the Titan miner. KncMinion is built using CoffeeScript, AngularJS, D3.js, Bootstrap and jQuery and should adapt easily to different resolutions and devices such as a smaller resolution mobile phone. The top graph is the total hashrate in MHS for the miner, the smaller graphs below represent the hash-rate of each individual die for every cube on the Titan (4 dies per cube) with each graph displaying the min/max and current value for the selected duration.

What is interesting is the way that the KnCMinion interface is being installed on the miner, Peter has found out that he can easily package it as an firmware update and send it to the device. The KnCMinion does not modify any of the existing files, it only adds new files to the web-server that are needed for the proper functionality of the UI, however he expresses his concerns that this can pose a security problem. Someone may package a malicious code and trick people to install it as software update and gain access to their mining device.

For more information and to download the KnCMinion UI for the Titan Scrypt ASIC…

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