The Hashie Cloud Mining Service is Now Back Online

3 Jan


It seems that the Hashie cloud mining service is now back online and fully functioning, however the way they handled the recent problems they’ve had (apparently getting hacked and Bitcoins stolen) is far from good. The service is back online, but any Bitcoins you might have had in your wallet are no longer available and the service apparently is now offering new cheaper miners called Generation 2. It will however be very had to earn back the trust of the over 40 thousand users that the service claims to have, especially of the ones that did not have purchased AMHash cloud mining hashrate. Owners of AMHash cloud miners at Hashie can still move them to the AMHash platform, if they have not done so already. What the service has apparently done for people that have had Generation 1 miners as well as any Bitcoins in their wallets was to distribute them some Frostcoins that should result in bringing some dividends to users based on Generation 2 miner sales. We have already moved our AMHash hashrate to the AMHash platform, however our account did not get any Frostcoins for the Bitcoins we had in the wallet that are now gone. So we would currently recommend to avoid that service if you are interested in investing in cloud mining.

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January 3rd, 2015 at 20:59

Avoid them. Gee ya’ think? The website has not returned, the ARG has morphed into a quasi-legitimate method to mitigate the legal violations for grand theft that have occurred. If you invest in my company and I give your stock, then that is what you own. If I suddenly tell you that you now own a cloud in the sky and all of your money is now water vapors, I still owe you the stock or money. You did’t sign up for water vapor. Luckily I’m only out for the money and “reinvestment” on their Gen1’s.

The funny thing is, I only invested in them because GAW was looking so shady. This site gave them a good review, with caveats, but good. Lesson learned.

Here’s a blog that may be updated on this continuing scam:

Here is a bit of investigation from, Bitcointalk:

here is the part of hashie chat code:

rivets.binders.user = function(el, value){
if(value == “admin”){
el.innerHTML = “<Hashie (Official)>”;
} else if(value == “cryptoassets”){
el.innerHTML = “<bbit (Official)>”;
} else if(value == “QueenElsa”){
el.innerHTML = “<Queen Elsa>”;
} else {
el.innerHTML = “<” + value + “>”;
As one can see only three persons have admin rights, ie Hashie (Official), bbit (Official) and Queen Elsa

So who is bbit?

Look here

As one can notice there is bbit link on page and URL behind the link (quick redirect tp bitcoin org) . So looks like bbit is abreviation for bitcoinchangeclub

The Exutive Director of is Jane Kreisman known as Bit*Jane

( here is she)

She advocates both GAW and Hashie on various sources. is all about GAW and Hashie. Nothing more

She knows both Sahra Hall (presumably our Queen Elsa) and Matthew Myrtle (presumably Hashie official)

Is BitJane mysterious bbit?

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