AMHash Cloud Hashrate Dividends from Hashie Transfers Now Available

6 Jan


The new AMHAsh interface now has the BTC balance showing for the hashrate that has been transferred from the Hashie cloud mining platform with dividends getting calculated for users starting from December 28th. You can already see the BTC balance in your account, but the withdraw functionality has not yet been implemented, though that should most likely be available in the next days as well. Do note that the AMHash web interface was a forced a bit by the issues that Hashie had, so it is apparently currently being worked on the go and we are seeing improvements as functionality is being added. Do note that AMHash is currently not selling Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate, but their new web-based interface should support that functionality as well, so you should be able to purchase directly through it if/when they add more mining hardware to their mining farm. And if you still haven’t transferred your AMHash hashrate from Hashie, then you should initiate the transfer process.

For more details on how to transfer AMHash hasrate purchased from Hashie to the service…

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