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BitMain AntMiner U3 Available Again, Comes With New Design

16 Jan


BitMain has started selling the AntMiner U3 Bitcoin ASIC miner again with a slightly different design than the original first batch, other than that the specifications remain pretty much the same (with some minor differences in cited power usage). The new AntMiner U3 Batch 2 is available with a minimum order quantity of 20 units at a price of 38 USD (0.185 BTC) and the Batch 3 is with a minimum order quantity of just 5 units available at a price of 39 USD (0.19 BTC). The BitMain AntMiner U3 ASIC miners provide 63 GHS at about 60W with 1 Watt per GHS in the new specifications that are published by BitMain with a low noise level.

BitMain AntMiner U3 Specifications:
– Max Hash Rate: 63 GH/s ±5%
– Power Efficiency: 1Watt/GH/s on wall at 0.83V
– Voltage: DC 12V input, 6A
– Chip Quantity per unit: 4
– One 80mm fan
– Noise: ~25 DB at 25 °C ambient temperature
– Hashrate and VDD core voltage can be adjusted via cgminer command line
– USB connection
– 12V AC/DC power brick of 6A, but power line not included
– Certificate Compliance: FCC/CE

BitMain has these miners available for home users that want to have access to affordable priced and silent Bitcoin ASIC miners that want to play with them just for hobby, they are not designed to ROI due to their lower hashrate and not so great power efficiency. Since they are running batch 2 and 3 this means that there is interest in these little devices from users, though you probably would want to get a single unit to play with it and not buy a minimum of 5 or 20 units. This means that most end users will probably not be interested in directly buying AntMiner U3 from BitMain, but will look for some company reselling these at a single piece quantities.

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7 Responses to BitMain AntMiner U3 Available Again, Comes With New Design

Jerry Steinfeld

January 16th, 2015 at 22:38

Man that is one ugly looking miner.


January 16th, 2015 at 22:38

Might work, if you plan to use them in Autumn and Winter around a house, for heating purposes in the UK? LOL

It would work out to be a strait swap for heating gas/electricity for mining heating electricity. You would need to work hard on the distribution of the units thoughout house. LOL


January 17th, 2015 at 02:13

Well using average US electrical rates, even at $0.10/kwh it would take over 200 days, assuming BTC goes back to $500 by then to get ROI, and that is assuming the network hash-rate doesn’t increase.

Be better off just buying BTC at $200 and if/when it would go to $300-$500 sell and be way ahead of these little boys. If BTC prices stay under $300 for long, no way these are even remotely profitable unless you have free or close to free electricity.

Alas, home mining is all but over unless you are doing it for just the novelty of it.


January 17th, 2015 at 07:21

Home mining works, but with Bitman S5, it is cold in the UK for about 8 months each year and you can certainly heat some double rooms on 590watts. Therefore, it work outs that you only pay for 4 months of electricity each year. Still, even at today BTC price, you’d expect to get ROI on your investment in 1 year (when you include the extra costs of a PSU, Raspberry PI and postage). Therefore, buying $700 dollars of BTC today and waiting for the block halving in autumn 2016 seems the most relax way to make a profit compared to the tribulations of mining equipment.


January 17th, 2015 at 07:45

Pet-Proof Kid-gift :)


January 19th, 2015 at 00:15

Seems like the U3 miners I see have a different “case” instead of that cage – i really like the cage design.

Is the cage housed within the plain metal looking “case” for the miner ? I would buy one of these just to look at – the ones being sold on amazon, not so much.


March 24th, 2015 at 15:50

Hello. Lord please tell me how to register .bat file under this miner?

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