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Coinbase Launches First Regulated Bitcoin Exchange in the US

26 Jan


It seems that Coinbase no longer wants to remain only as a payment processor as the company has just launched Coinbase Exchange, the first regulated Bitcoin exchange based in the US. If you are a Coinbase user in one of the 24 supported states or territories in USA you can begin trading immediately on Coinbase Exchange. There will be no trading fees through March 30th, after which there will be a maker-taker model – orders which provide liquidity are charged different fees from orders taking liquidity. This interesting development comes soon after the last very serious funding round that Coinbase recently had.

The fact that the exchange is a regulated one in USA should bring the trust of users that can actually use the Coinbase Exchange, but on the other hand it also means that you will have to cope up with all of the side effects that the requirements of regulation have. The good thing is that this new exchange should theoretically bring more stability and trust in the crypto currency ecosystem, but the not so good one is that it will come at the cost of privacy – one of the key advantages that crypto currencies are supposed to offer. Still it could be a good way to bring more investors in the crypto currency that would normally not be ready to trust other more questionable exchanges with their financial investments.

For more information and to try out the new Coinbase Exchange trading platform…

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