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Coinbase Shutting Down Their Bitcoin Tipping Service

11 Feb


The Bitcoin payment service provider Coinbase has just announced their plans to stop their Coinbase Tip service that allows users to easily send Bitcoin tips to other people, to support projects or causes and so on. The Coinbase Tip service will be available by the end of March and meanwhile Coinbase suggests that users of the service migrate to the alternative ChangeTip. According to the service there are about 10 thousand users of Coinbase Tip, though they probably expected that the tipping functionality will attract much more users than what is has in the bit less than 3 months timeframe that it has existed and that is the reason they are shutting it down. Interestingly enough ChangeTip actually relies on Coinbase APIs for their tipping service, so no wonder they are the recommended alternative, not to mention that ChangeTip is apparently doing much better than Coinbase Tip.

To check out the recommended alternative Bitcoin tipping service called ChangeTip…

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