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NiceHashBot Tool for Easier Order Management

13 Feb


The NiceHash service for leasing and for purchasing crypto mining hashrate has released an useful tool for people that use NiceHash or WestHash for purchasing hashrate – NiceHashBot. The tool is in an open source and simple standalone Windows application for automatic order and profit management on NiceHash/WestHash. It is meant to ease the management of your orders on NiceHash/WestHash by automating some common operations which you would else have to carry out manually as well as to provide a basic platform for further development by anyone who would like to extend this bot into fully featured bot with advanced functionality thanks to the open source code. The tool uses the NiceHash API, so you need to enter your API key that you can find in the Account settings when you login in your NiceHash account and then you are ready to use it. If you are only using NiceHash or WestHash for selling your mining hashrate, then at the moment you don’t need the NiceHashBot tool, but you might want to check out the Miner Control tool instead. The source code of the NiceHashBot tool is available on GitHub and you can also find the compiled Windows package as well under the Releases tab.

To check out the NiceHashBot tool and to download the application or source code…

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