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Chinese Crypto Exchange Bter Has Been Hacked

15 Feb


The Chinese crypto currency exchange Bter has apparently been hacked and is currently down. Th website notes that 7170 BTC apparently got stolen from the exchange’s cold wallet and they are offering 720 BTC bounty giving the transaction Id for the stolen coins. It seems that this could be the end of Bter as this is not the first time that the crypto currency exchange is having such problems getting hacked and coins stolen. It is not yet clear if what will happen with the exchange this time, after a few months ago they were able to get back on track after getting hacked and a lot of NXT coins getting stolen. Even if they manage to get back online again after this issue it will be hard to earn back the trust of the users and we would still recommend to avoid using it in this case anyway.

You might want to take a look at Bter’s website for additional details…

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