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NiceHash and WestHash with New Fixed Order Price Option

17 Feb


NiceHash has introduced a new option for people that are using the services for renting hashrate for various crypto currency algorithms – fixed order price. Up until now you had to set the price you are willing to pay for the hashrate you need and if the current market price, if the current market price was higher you either needed to pay more or wait for cheaper hashrate to be available. On the other hand with fixed order price you are going to get all the hashrate you need for the time-frame you need guaranteed, however this may end up costing you more than with standard orders using the current market price. We have checked the new feature and currently it seems that not yet all of the algorithms are useable with the new fixed order price option as you get an error that not enough hashpower is available, but probably in a few days there should be no problems with hashrate availability. It is interesting to see if the introduction of fixed order price option will also lead to increase in the profit for the people that sell their hashrate using the service in the following days…

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1 Response to NiceHash and WestHash with New Fixed Order Price Option


February 18th, 2015 at 20:13

I wish they would add a few more algos to their mix.

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