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Supcoin (SUP) sgminer Fork for Pluck Algorithm Now Available

22 Feb


Initially Supcoin (SUP) was only mineable on CPU, though quickly an Nvidia GPUminer was released and now we also have an AMD GPU miner available all thanks to djm34. The initial release is only in the form of a binary for Windows, no source code available yet, and the miner may have some issues with the Pluck algorithm, but these will most likely be resolved in the next few days. We have tested the sgminer fork for AMD OpenCL GPUs on a Radeon R9 280X and the results were a little over 5 KH/s on a non-overclocked video card, so the performance is quite good compared to what the Nvidia miner provides at this moment. The binary has been updated, so now you should get even higher hashrate and less problems, so if you have downloaded the initial version please redownload the new one below.

To download and try the new sgminer fork for AMD GPU mining Pluck algorithm coins…

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