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Bitcoin Cloud Services 1st Year Anniversary Discounts

1 Mar


In the last year or so many companies appeared and disappeared in the world of cloud mining and very few have managed to survive or turn out to be more than some quick scheme to trick the miners. One of the few cloud mining companies that remain and continue to operate is Bitcoin Cloud Services that is turning 1 year old on March 12th, though we started using it and did our first review of the service just about 8 months ago back in June last year. To celebrate their 1st year anniversary there is a currently ongoing price promotion for Bitcoin cloud hashrate being sold this hole week with discounts based on the amount of hashrate you purchase. The discounts listed below are applied automatically depending on the amount of GHS you buy, they are counted towards the standard price of 0.0017 BTC per GHS that the service has.

Promotional volume discounts for hashrate:
0.0016 BTC per GH/s in orders over 50 GH/s (5.88% Discount)
0.0015 BTC per GH/s in orders over 1000 GH/s (11.76% Discount)
0.0014 BTC per GH/s in orders over 10000 GH/s (17.64% discount)

The mining contracts are for 1 year with no additional fees, everything is included in the price of the hashrate you purchase, payouts are being sent on a daily basis. The service is keeping mostly anonymous profile does not reveal much about their actual mining operations, but the payout address is publicly available and you can check the payment transactions that go out.

For more information about the cloud mining currently offered by Bitcoin Cloud Services…

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