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The SFARDS SF3301 Dual-Algorithm ASICs Coming as Early as Next Month

20 Mar


Last year Gridseed and WiiBox have officially merged to become known as SFARDS. And the new company has recently announced that they have taped out their 28nm SF3301 Dual-Algorithm ASIC chips that should be capable of mining both Bitcoin (SHA256) and Litecoin (scrypt) as the same time similar as an idea to what Gridseed offered in terms of mining hardware last year. By using FD-SOI technology the power efficiency when mining with SHA-256 is expected to reach below the 0.3 J/GH range, and 2.0 J/MH when mining with Scrypt according to SFARDS. The new company expects to have their first ASIC dual miners as early as April and hopefully we are going to get some more details about expected specifications very soon.

The big question that arises is what kind of performance have they managed to get out from their 28nm SF3301 ASIC chips for mining SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms separately as well as when mining them together and of course what will be the price of the miners. People are hoping that the new miners could bring back the interest in Litecoin and bring up the exchange rate as it has been pretty low for quite a while, especially after the bad news from Zeus and Bitmain that canceled he development of their latest generation of Scrypt ASIC hardware that was initially expected to hit the market by the end of 2014.

For more information about the new SFARDS ASIC mining hardware manufacturer…

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