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Miner Control 1.6.4 Pack for AMD Radeon R9 280x

24 Mar


We have not updated our Miner Control tool package for AMD Radeon R9 280x GPUs for a while, so it was time to release an updated package using the latest Miner Control v1.6.4 KBomba-Mod and the newest sgminer 5.1.1 along with update for the services and pools used (NiceHash, WestHash and YAAMP) as well as the supported algorithms – X11, X13, X14, X15, Lyra2RE, Keccak, NeoScrypt, WhirlpoolX and Qubit. Do note that the package also includes AMD OpenCL DLL files from older drivers, you may want to remove them to use the OpenCL from the driver you have currently installed or play with the OpenCL from a different version of AMD’s drivers.

To be ready to use the Radeon R9 280X package you just need to update the account settings for each pool to reflect your BTC payment address. Do note that the default configuration that we have set is mining from time to time for the author of the software (Miner Control) as a donation alternative, but you can change that setting should you wish to. Also note that the package contains some of Wolf0 optimized kernel binaries for higher performance in some of the X algorithms. The 280x package is intended for a single Radeon R9 280X card, though you could use it for others AMD GPUs as well or more cards – what you may need to reflect however in the config file is the total hashrate and power usage as well as maybe some of the startup settings for the different algorithms as the default ones are optimized for 280X.

To download the Miner Control 1.6.4 AMD Radeon R9 280x ready to use pack for Windows…

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1 Response to Miner Control 1.6.4 Pack for AMD Radeon R9 280x


March 25th, 2015 at 01:17

Astounding work, again, guys. I have donated some mBTC to KBomba and I have sent Crypto Mining Blog 3 Litecoins:

TrxID: ab65af97955994b43d690d9547f301f960d88e444bf04514ee444b0b8c07262b

I will also mention WolfO’s leaked X11 (50% boost), X13 (50% boost) and X15 (25% boost) modded bins can just put into the MinerControl folder for extra performance. Download from:

Make sure your worksizes for X11, X13 and X15 are 64 in size.

Thanks, I hope others donate to the site as well :)

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