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Coin Magi (XMG) 2nd Proof of Mining Campaign Launched

23 Apr


Coin Magi (XMG), the altcoin you should be mining if you have some spare CPU power, has launched their 2nd Proof of Mining campaign. An incentive that tries to award with more coins people that do not have too much hashrate, but still want to get more out of their CPU mining power. The idea of this campaign is to encourage people to continue mining even if they have low hashrate or the block reward is not that high by giving them extra bonus coins – the longer you mine the higher the bonus will be. The 2nd PoM campaign will have a duration of about 2 months and you need to register to participate and use a special dedicated pool where you have to mine in order to get the extra reward apart from the mined XMG block rewards. Do note that the total hashrate you can mine with in order to participate int he campaign should not exceed 250 kh/s.

For additional details and rules about the 2nd Proof of Mining Campaign of Coin Magi…

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