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CPU vs AMD and Nvidia GPU Mining for Yescrypt Coins

13 May


Earlier this month GPU miners for Yescrypt getting released for AMD and Nvidia GPUs were released thanks to the work of djm34. These miners however still seem to be slower in terms of performance when compared to CPU mining for Yescrypt, so we’ve decided to give a quick test on what some up to date CPU and GPU hardware is capable of in terms of performance. There are two coins that rely on Yescrypt at the moment, these are GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) and Unitus (UIS), though UIS is a multi-algorithm altcoin. Below you can download the CPU miner for mining Yescrypt that we’ve used for the tests and as for the GPU miners, we have already published them here on the website – the djm34 fork of ccMiner and sgminer with Yescrypt support as well as the latest ccMiner fork from SP.

Performance results for Yescrypt:
– Intel Core i7 5820K CPU: 5.22 KHS
– AMD Radeon R9 280X GPU: 0.793 KHS
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU: 1.124 KHS

To download the cpuminer fork with best performance for CPU mining Yescrypt on Windows OS…

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