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Genesis Mining With New Lower Prices for Bitcoin Hashrate

26 May


It has been a while since Genesis Mining has lowered their Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate prices, the last time was early this year when they also lowered the maintenance fees . This time they have lowered the prices slightly without apparently announcing the fact like they usually do and we have just discovered that, though we are not sure when this has actually happened. The new prices are as follows: 50 GHS are available for $22.49 USD ($0.45 per GH/s), 1000 GHS for $419 USD ($0.42 per GH/s) and 15000 GHS for $5850 USD ($0.39 per GH/s) which is roughly between about 8% and 13% down from the previous prices with the maintenance fee remaining at $0.0015 USD per GHS per day. While these prices might not be the lowest out there in the cloud mining industry at least you will be investing in a reliable company that has been out there for quite a while already, so your long term investment should be much safer than if investing in a risky new business that turns out to be a scam. You can also use our special promo code – CryptoMiningBlog5 that will give you an extra 5% discount on the regular prices for every purchase at Genesis Mining, so you can get even better prices.

You can get more information about the cloud mining services offered by Genesis Mining here…

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2 Responses to Genesis Mining With New Lower Prices for Bitcoin Hashrate


May 26th, 2015 at 19:58

after what happened with GAW miners; ill never do cloud mining again. Life lesson. if you have the space and cheap electricity that is so much better than some site that could vanish tomorrow. there have been just too many scams.


June 1st, 2015 at 06:22

Long time customer… Never been happy with their rate/pricing, but decided to give it another try. Just ordered their new plan with 75 GHs for $31. Getting 25,000 satoshis/day, or $0.06/day. If difficulty never changes (!), I would ROI in 516 days. Seriously?

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